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Our services

clients about CEGE

  • The result of the inventory was presented in a tabular report, illustrated with photos. For each asbestos source and sample the relevant information was provided, including risk assessment and recommendations for securing or removing asbestos. Our appreciation for quick and transparent communication.

    ir. Frans Piket, PLAN’D2 about the project Asbestos inventory of a tenantless building from 1965
  • The work was granted based on the of clear and pragmatic description of inventory, and of course a competitive price.

    ir. Frans Piket, PLAN’D2 about the project Asbestos inventory of a tenantless building from 1965
  • … There was a lot of pressure to do the survey quickly and have reliable results at short notice, because the project had to start very quickly. CEGE was very quick-witted and had performed a lot of work in a very professional way and in a very short timeframe. The results are reliable and useful …

    Zarja Garmers of Zarja Architecture about the project Mangroves Otrobanda, Curaçao