UO Domeinbeheer, 2014


Development of the site for recreational purposes



Environmental survey of sediment and water testing, Mangroves `t-Rif, Otrobanda

The `t-Rif mangrove forest in Otrobanda, Curaçao is a unique area which remained after the poldering of the Rif-water a hundred years ago. It is situated close to the historical districts and the entrance to Willemstad – the Megapier. In order to optimize the use of this piece of nature in the city, the government has formulated plans to develop the mangroves as a recreational area for tourists and islanders. For this reason UO Domeinbeheer asked us to carry out a survey of the water and sediment quality.

The following work was carried out:

  • Large-scale exploratory sediment survey of a total of approx. 120,000 m2 in compliance with NEN 5720
  • Survey of the general quality of the surface water
  • Survey of bacterial contamination of the surface water and sediment
  • Survey of the salinity of the water
  • Survey of the quality of inflowing rainwater
  • Various demarcating surveys arising from contaminants discovered