Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V., 2013


Reconstruction works


Bonaire, Saba, Saint Eustatius

Geotechnical and surface survey at BES islands airports

This large-scale multidisciplinary project was carried out on three airports in the BES islands as a result of proposed civil engineering works.

Work carried out:

  • Drilling of core samples in the existing concrete and asphalt surfaces then sealed with concrete
  • Performing geotechnical field tests: Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Land survey

Implementation of various in-situ and laboratory analyses and tests, including:

  • Determine thickness of asphalt layers (construction composition) in accordance with ASTM D 3549
  • Proctor test in accordance with D 1557
  • Crushing factor
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) dry and soaked tests in accordance with ASTM D1883-07
  • Description and classification of bored-out materials
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) tests in accordance with ASTM D6951/D6951M-09
  • Determine compressive strength of concrete in accordance with NEN-EN 12504-1
  • Point Load tests in accordance with ASTM D5731-08
  • Uniaxial Compressive Strength in accordance with ASTM D7012
  • Moisture content in accordance with ASTM D2216