NuCuraçao Windparken, 2017


expansion windfarm



Quality control works by extension Wind farm Tera Kora

In August 2016 NuCuraçao Windparken began the expansion of the wind farm Tera Kora with five new wind turbines with a total capacity of 16.5 MW. The total capacity of wind Curacao after completion of the project, 46.5 MW, which accounts for 35% of what is consumed by the local population. CEGE has been closely involved in the construction of foundations.

Works carried out:

• concrete quality control on the site including the execution of ca. 150 compressive strength testing in the own lab;

• monitoring of a temperature gradient in the poured concrete using a thermal computer;

• carrying out more than 300 ground density measurements;

• assistance in testing and assembly of the anchoring.