Quick action by CEGE on risk assessment fire Sentro Pro Arte

20 September 2016

In the evening of Monday, September 12th a fierce fire broke out in the abandoned building of Sentro Pro Arte on Curacao. Thanks to previous inventories in the building it was established quickly that there is a risk of asbestos release. CEGE Caribbean was directly approached by a Disaster Management Team with a request to carry out a risk assessment for the surrounding offices asap. In order to determine the level of hazard air testings have been carried out and bulk and adhesive samples have been taken. By being able to analyze the samples in our own asbestos laboratory in Willemstad the first results were available within 24 hours after the fire outbreak. In the coming days, a follow-up study on the fire site will be carried out in order to perform clean-up and/or demolition works in a responsible way.